Sleepaway Camp: The First Review

This movie holds a special place in my heart, and also my colon because this movie is shitty.


In case you weren’t aware, camp in the 80’s was scarier than it is nowadays. Back then you had serial killers, Footloose dance tracks, and worst of all, 80’s fashion.

True terror never looked so good

Sleepaway Camp is a 1983 slasher film that’s a spin-off of the camp slasher movies popular back in the day, like Friday the 13th. The movie focuses on cousins Angela and Ricky who are attending summer camp when people in the camp start to get killed one-by-one and yada-yada-yada. A standard who-dunnit 80’s slasher flick complete with all the essentials:

  • Terrible acting
  • Awful dialogue
  • Horrendous 80’s fashion
  • Hilarious death scenes
  • Soundtrack ripped off a Scooby-Doo episode

But this movie has something that other movies don’t – an ending so mind blowing and bizarre you’ll be pulling out your totem to see if you’re dreaming.

Is this real life?

It’s also very surprising because you’ll be spending the first 90 minutes regretting watching this movie on the account that it’s pretty boring, has the budget of a lemonade stand, and overall kind of sucks. Which is why the ending is so brilliant! It’s actually constructed pretty well too, so every time there’s a scene so stupid you take a shot of Everclear, there’s a little bit of genius just lying underneath. The ending is definitely one of my favorites, up there with Sixth Sense and The Usual Suspects (Not even kidding). When its over you’ll probably say, “Oh shit.”

“Oh shit”

I, unfortunately, cannot recommend this movie to you in good conscience. Drunk you, however, would probably get a kick out of this movie! Get drunk, find some other drunk people, watch the movie, and DON’T SPOIL THE ENDING. The only way to get the ending is to watch the whole movie, it is a challenge but I’ve done it three times now and only cried myself to sleep once.

You can also watch the whole movie on Youtube: Sleepaway Camp


Summary: Sleepaway Camp is a generic and poorly made 80’s camp slasher with an unforgettable and totally awesome ending.

Movie Score: 1 1/2 Stars

Ending Score: 4 1/2 Stars




  • 10 guys skinny dipping with each other
More fun than you can shake a dick stick at


  • Peckerhead is used as an insult…TWICE
It means dickhead in Spanish


  • Fake 80’s cop stache
Dollar Store Burt Reynolds


  • So many jorts you’d swear you were at a Gators game


  • Girl who has lost the ability to close her mouth
Give her all the Oscars


Sleepaway Camp - Baseball
No seriously, jorts are everywhere


First Review so just getting used to the formatting! If you liked the review or have seen the movie tell me what you think and leave a comment. Thanks for reading!

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