Divergent: Slightly Sober Review

So I watched some movie called Divergent a while ago when I was completely sober, but I’m not now so I am going to review it.   Divergent is basically Hunger Games with a less hot Jennifer Laurence, dumb plot, and trains on trains on trains. Half this movie is spent on trains, jumping from trains, or chasing trains. I don’t know why the writer loves trains so much, but i assume some hobo roofied his drink and showed him a good time. You can take that sentence and visualize it anyway you see fit. Hi mom. Plot: There are … Continue reading Divergent: Slightly Sober Review

Sharknado 2: Shark Week Special

The Hangover 2 of Syfy movies. Spoilers So another Sharknado is after you and your family because you managed to destroy the first Sharknado by dropping bombs into it, on the other side of the country. Don’t panic. It’s okay. I’m here to give you some very simple steps to surviving a Sharknado, that I stole from Tara Reid’s book. Tip 1. Cut it up into small pieces 2. Put the parts in multiple trash bags 3. Dispose of trash bags in various bodies of water far away from your home 4. Lay low for two weeks and… Sorry was … Continue reading Sharknado 2: Shark Week Special