Hunger Games Mockingjay Trailer Review

Bird on fire…I’m noticing a pattern here

A new trailer came out for the Hunger Games movie. Don’t expect your mind to be blown.

Howdy y’all, this is my second trailer review after the little mix-up that happened with the 50 Shades of Grey trailer review. No worries though, I’ve got everything under control this time. So let’s get back to the trailer.

And what a glorious trailer it is

In Hunger Games: Catching Fire, the movie ended with Peeta getting captured and Katniss joining a rebellion focused on taking down the evil Capitol. The new trailer starts off with Katniss giving a monologue about how she never wanted to be in the games, and how she just wanted to save her loved ones. Well let me tell you something Katniss, some people would love to be in the games. Just ask Rudolph.

download (1)
He had to work his ass off to get invited to play games

Then it cuts to President Snow as he responds, “It’s the things we love the most…”


“that destroy us.”

“Chins up, smiles on.”

Pizza could destroy me…but I’ll take my chances Mr. Snow.

Then we’re shown a montage of a bunch of characters from the previous movie, Katniss standing in various places, and some miss-Missiles?!

Nothing to see here guys just A S*** TON OF MISSLES

Wait a second…

This whole trailer is a montage.

Like the whole thing.

We’ve got bad guy soldiers shooting at people. They’re in black so that’s how you know they’re bad.

The Foot Clan? Cobra Commandos? I don’t know.

Peeta is being forced to give a speech on TV against his will, telling people to stop rebelling, that everything was cool and the Capitol is just a bunch of swell guys who you could have a beer with. That’d be like if Papa John’s made a commercial and said, “Don’t eat at Papa John’s, Dominos is way better. My pizza sucks.” YOU KNOW DOMINOS HAS A GUN TO HIS HEAD, PEETA WE KNOW YOU LOVE PAPA JOHN’S DON’T GIVE IN!

Is this the face of a man who loves Dominos?

Obviously Peeta did not die at the end of the last movie, and we also find out Katniss didn’t read the books either because she’s surprised he’s not dead too. She also threatens to sit on the couch and drink beer for the whole movie if they don’t try and rescue Peeta.

Oh, and just like the other movies, the color scheme is still mainly blue, orange, and occasionally green for the rest of the montage.




katblue2You get the idea.

The montage goes on with a bunch of random scenes thrown together like a dam busting, people throwing up gang signs, and Katniss shooting down a jet-thing with an arrow. Which I guess is cool? I felt like they could’ve ended the trailer on something more interesting to the story than that. Also, why two parts? Is this movie going to be just a big build up for the next movie like Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 1 was? Is it going to have a huge cliffhanger like the second Hobbit movie did?

I don’t see this one being as good as the last movie, which was phenomenal. No more actual Hunger Games and it’s the first half of the book that probably won’t end with a nice resolution until the next one comes along. But I’ll be at the premier, dressed as Katniss. Just like any other Hunger Games fan.

Overall the trailer’s pretty meh. I like that it doesn’t give much of anything away, but at the same time it looks more like a generic and bland Sci-Fi movie than the previous one’s did. Let’s hope I’m wrong. This is also just the first trailer, so maybe the next one will inspire my hope from me.

Overall Score: 3/5 Stars.

Hey Alex, how come you don’t read the books?

Well, dear reader, books are for nerds.

How can you say that when you write a blog?

Uh, well, I uh…

This is all I’m going to say.

Read between the lines

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