Gone Girl Spoiler Free Review

THE date movie of 2014

From the director of Fight Club, Social Network, and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo comes a movie about Ben Affleck’s chin and his missing grill, based on the best selling book.

gone girl
In foreign markets it’s known as “Dude Where’s My Grill?”

I mean missing girl, or wife… or whatever.

Nick Dunne (Ben Affleck) is a regular married man living in suburban Missouri with his beautiful wife Amy (Rosamund Pike). All is well, or so it seems, until one day Nick comes home to a trashed living room and finds his wife is missing. The case garners national media attention as evidence starts to suggest that perhaps Nick had something to do with his wife’s disappearance and that everyone may not be who they seem.

This movie is a roller coaster that eventually turns into a spaceship and blasts off into the stratosphere. The movie is about 2 and a half hours long but feels like 3 hours or more, and this is not a bad thing. The mystery surrounding Amy’s disappearance is engrossing and pulls you in like a fish to bait on a hook, and once you take that bite the movie actually gets even better.

The acting is phenomenal. Ben Affleck gives his best performance to date, but the relatively unknown Rosamund Pike steals the show. Even the supporting cast is brilliant, especially Carrie Coon as Nick’s sister and Tyler Perry (Yes, that Tyler Perry) as a big time defense attorney. Hell even the cat does a pretty good job here.

Madea Goes to Law School

The movie plays as a dark mystery/thriller, but it contains a lot of dark humor and satire that fans of movies like American Psycho will appreciate. The cinematography, music, and editing are all remarkable and even the most casual movie goer will be able to appreciate the way this film is shot and scored.

The only gripe I have with the movie, is that the conclusion may leave you wanting more and there are holes in the story that you wouldn’t want to drive your car over. You’ll probably say, “What the f@#$?” at least once cause this movie is a psychologically scarring. I’d even go so far to say that this movie is probably way scarier than the Annabelle movie that just came out, because of the implications the movie instills on the viewer. To spoil anything more than I’ve already said would be doing you a disservice. This movie is a must-see for any fans of mystery thrillers. Overall, the journey is a mesmerizing nightmare that will pull you in and keep you guessing throughout.

David Fincher is at his very best here, able to weave a story up, down, and around you until just like that,

it’s gone…


Warning to all the pure-hearted people out there, this movie deals with some very sexual themes and has some rather graphic sex. Rated R mainly for that. Mainly.

Overall Score: 9/10 stars

P.S. I strongly recommend seeing this with your fiance, spouse, or significant other. This movie will give y’all a new meaning to what love truly is.

P.S.S. Actually it’d be like taking your parents to see Wolf of Wall Street so it’s probably a bad idea.

Loveable Reader: Hey, you reviewed a good movie! I’m so proud of you!

Awww thanks reader, I’m trying to review more recent movies both good and bad.

OK Reader: Yeah, but it also wasn’t very funny…

It’s hard to be informative and funny with no spoilers, reader.

Hatin-Ass Reader: Only two pictures? This sucks.


Angry Reader: I don’t come here for your stupid opinions, I want to laugh.

Hey! Where’s my grill and my sister…AND MY GIRL?!?


hot grill

Sad Reader: Uh…well can you at least get my sister back home before dark?

Yeah sure.

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