John Wick Review (Spoiler Free)

“You’re askin’ if I’m back? Yeah, I’m thinkin’ I’m back.” -John Wick

Matrix Keanu is back. Time to celebrate.

john wick

Johnny F****** Wick

The Plot:

Russian mobsters kill Keanu Reeves’ dog and he sets out to even the score.

Honestly, do you need much more reason for Keanu going batshit Rambo on 100 mobsters? No. No you don’t.

The Dialogue:

The dialogue is straight B movie cheese. Some of the dialogue is cringe worthy and is what brings the movie down the most. Also the delivery of the lines is rather exaggerated and over the top, but it’s not something that’s going to keep you from having a good time when watching the movie.

The Action:

Finally, Hollywood can deliver an action movie that delivers on the FRICKEN ACTION. The action consists of a lot of gun-play, grappling, and punches to the face. Not since The Matrix has a movie felt so unique and engaging in its approach to action scenes. The way John Wick dispatches baddies left and right is so fluid, realistic, and downright beautiful that I’d call it art. Choreographing action scenes is an art form when done right, and John Wick is the fricken Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles of action stunts…

I mean the Teenage Mutant Ninja Artists like Leonardo, Donatello, and stuff.

No, I have not taken an Art History class quit asking

Shaky cam is used minimally during the action sequences and most of the time the action is completely in the frame, so you can actually enjoy what’s going on and not a blurry close-up of two dudes hugging each other. Who would’ve thought people would want to see what’s happening on screen? What a crazy concept *cough* Michael Bay *cough*.

For an example of an action sequence done right, look no further than The Raid (2011). One of the best action films of all time.


This movie oozes cool. The way the characters interact with each other, the different scenery, and even the way they convey the different languages is cool. The plot might be regular basic revenge shtick, but the characters and the world they live in help to elevate the movie to stand out on its own from the usual boring action films of recent years.

The right man to hire if you want to ruin a party

Overall Score: This movie is Wickity-Wickity-Wack

An action film for action fans. While the plot and dialogue may lead you to expect a B-grade action flick, this movie takes ass-kicking to another level. When the bullets start flying, strap on that Kevlar vest and enjoy the ride.

9/10 Stars

Excellent dudes! *Guitar Solo*


Suggested Viewing:

If you end up liking this movie, here’s a few more recent recommended titles to help you on your ass-kicking action binge.

The Raid 1 & 2


The Man From Nowhere (Netflix)


Dredd (Netflix)


Ip Man (Netflix)


Go see John Wick in theaters now. Also like and share with friends if you enjoyed this review.

If you didn’t, well…Let’s just say I know who to hire.

Just a stroll through the park

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