The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 Review

Are you excited to watch half of a book…

And then watch the second half in a year…


Thought so…

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 is as dull as the title is long. Now book readers and many girls that I’ve talked to seem to really like this movie, so maybe it’s because I haven’t read the books but this movie was rather unappealing.


A stark contrast to the other entries in the series, Mockingjay Part 1 is heavy on the political side and heavily lacking in the action and adventure department. The plot basically consists of Katniss joining the resistance movement and a back and forth propaganda campaign between them and the Capital. There’s no Hunger Games this time around to provide a strong and engaging third act, which in my opinion were by far the best parts of both the other movies. The movie has almost no payoff at the end and feels incomplete.

Why you split into two movies?!

Katniss kind of mopes around the whole time, while being emotionally distraught and literally only caring about Peeta for 2 hours. She fires one arrow (unless I missed a scene when I went to the bathroom) the entire movie, which you can watch in the trailer. My expectations going into the movie weren’t exactly the highest, but I’ve come to expect certain things when I watch a Hunger Games movie. Namely action, interesting character, and an interesting political conflict.

Now imagine a Hunger Games movie where they take all the interesting characters and make them boring, take out all the action, and then base the entire movie around political propaganda. THIS IS BORING. The movie also looks bland. Color pallets consist of blue-gray, orange, and sometimes green. I know that’s supposed to represent oppression of the districts etc., but when the plot moves at a snails pace what on the screen is there to grab your attention? There are even some scenes in the movie that are totally unnecessary and are only there to provide extra conflict cause otherwise you’d probably fall asleep.

I think you know what scene I’m talking about…

There are things about the movie I liked. Acting was definitely the greatest assest of the film, everyone does a great job and even Phillip Seymour Hoffman is in the film from beginning to end. The last 20 minutes of the film were really well done even if by the end of the film it still felt like nothing really had happened. Apparently they’re saving all the action packed stuff for Part 2, but that doesn’t help to make Part 1 any better.

The issues the movie addressed felt really out of place and heavy for a series targeted at a large teenage audience. Genocide, torture, executions, propaganda, and terrorism are the areas of interest here. It was really hard to enjoy watching this movie.

But Alex, they had kids killing other kids in the other ones!

Yes, but that’s also where we got all of the action, interesting characters, and moral dilemmas that made you feel something. Not Suzanne Collins bashing me in the face with a political sledgehammer.

Mockingjay Part 1 is overall, bland, boring, and slow with little payoff. I suggest waiting for Part 2 to come out, and watch them together.

Overall Score: 6/10 

In comparison-

Catching Fire: 8/10

The Hunger Games: 7/10

Added note *SPOILERS*



Did anyone else find it creepy/hokey/weird when all the people rebelling would sing Katniss’ song or all chant the same thing at rallies? I laughed when they were coming over the hill and everyone knew all the words singing in unison, it just seemed very artificial.

Also, the scene I was talking about where everyone is going underground and Katniss has to go rescue Prim and the cat was so contrived and clichéd it took me out of the movie. It showed a guy using a hand crank to shut the doors and then a countdown starts playing and was like really?


He can just stop turning the crank and they’d be fine, how does a countdown coincide with a manually operated door? I’m pretty sure everyone and their grandma knew they’d make it back in time. What pointless scene to add more conflict in a movie devoid of almost any conflict involving the main character.


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