Netflix What to Watch: Second Edition

Second Edition of my Netflix recommendations to y’all, you can view the first one here Netflix What to Watch: First Edition. I try to keep the movies varied by genre so hopefully at least one of these appeals to you. If you’re a movie buff then I wouldn’t expect to see anything you probably haven’t already seen on this list, but you never know. Also, I will again shamelessly plug Gladiator in here because you should watch it if you haven’t already.

I mean like you can totally watch Gladiator on Netflix right now…

Just saying…

Links to each IMDB movie page are embedded in their titles. Happy watching.

Blue Ruin

blue ruin

Perhaps the best low-budget indie film I’ve ever seen, Blue Ruin is a revenge driven thriller that delves into how the choices we make can have unforeseen and deadly consequences. At a brisk 90 minutes not a second is wasted on screen as the story kicks in fast and hardly lets up. Tense, emotionally driven, and captivating, Blue Ruin is a solid watch for this looking for a good revenge thriller.

The Hunt


If you’re looking for a powerful and emotionally affecting drama, look no further than The Hunt. A Danish film starring Mads Mikkelsen (Hannibal), about a school teacher who’s life is destroyed by one little lie. This film deals with a heavy topic and the movie is very believable in its depiction of mob mentality, loss, and forgiveness. An academy award nominated movie in 2012, The Hunt is a definite must see for those who want more out of their movies.

You’re Next

youre next

Being a fan of the horror genre, you come to terms with the fact that most horror movies aren’t very good. So it’s always refreshing when a good one comes out. You’re Next is part home invasion movie and part slasher with a few tricks up its sleeve. A group of masked stranger attack a family reunion, but they didn’t foresee a special guest that knows how to fight back. Scary? Maybe. Entertaining? Without a doubt. There are enough twists and turns throughout the film to keep you engaged, and though it does fall into some of the traps that the horror genre is known for, this movie is definitely a good watch.



You might have seen this movie before, if not you’re in for a hell of a movie. Directed by David Fincher (Gone Girl, Se7en), Zodiac recreates a dramatic telling of the hunt for the famous Zodiac killer in the 1970’s. The movie follows both the Zodiac’s killings and the detectives assigned to the case as they investigate and become obsessed with catching the killer. A great detective film and a gripping thriller, Zodiac is a must watch for anyone interested in the genre.



Do you like action?

Do you like bad ass one-liners?

Do you like heroes who won’t take anyone’s shit?

I found your movie.

Tell me what you think of the movies above and leave any comments or suggestions on how to improve these Netflix posts. I plan to do them at least bi-weekly.

Finals are coming up so I know you’re going to find ways to procrastinate. Trust me, these movies will do the trick.

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