Big Hero 6 Review

You can’t spell “disappointment” without Big Hero 6.

Wait…okay so you totally can but that’s not the point.


Big Hero 6 is a Marvel and Disney collaboration project, that features an extremely smart kid and a lovable robot as they form a superhero team to stop a masked vigilante from enacting a sinister plot. I had somewhat high expectations for this movie from many reviews and word of mouth, but I felt this movie was a missed opportunity to make something special instead of making a safe paint-by-numbers film.

The plot is very dumb and you can predict almost everything that is going to happen well in advance. I know it’s a kids movie but the universe and plot conveniences make absolutely no sense when you even try to think about them. The setting is San Fransokyo which is basically a mash-up of San Francisco and Tokyo (duh), but it has a weird sci-fi feel even though almost everything looks like the technology we use today. What I’m getting at is that these super genius kids are making all these inventions that are so highly advanced they could patent all of it and make millions of dollars. These kids are in college just making advanced innovations like it’s no big thing with no care for monetary implications or anything.

Does this college not have a business school?

What kind of place is this?

The South Harmon Institute of Technology?

So our hero, Hiro (ha get it?), decides he really wants to get into this college because they make all this super cool stuff. So he goes and invents BASICALLY ONE OF THE GREATEST INVENTIONS OF ALL TIME. Robots you can control with your mind? Out of all the things this movie shows us, nothing is even comparable to that kind of technology. To think he made this just to get in to college. Screw that. Patent it, develop it, and go make a billion dollars. You would never have to bother going to college.

So Hiro just decides to leave his multi-billion dollar invention laying around inside the building to go eat dinner, and what do you know, the building catches on fire and someone steals his invention. Also, his brother goes in to save the professor and not a second later, the whole place explodes.

What the f*** is right, masked man

They couldn’t made it a little more dramatic or a little less contrived? It just immediately blows up and now I’m supposed to be sad?

Hiro gets super depressed and accidentally activates Baymax, the health robot his brother had been designing. The best part about Big Hero 6 is Baymax and Hiro interacting together and being both adorable and hilarious. Everything else is not very good. Except the animation, those guys deserve some love.

A scene follows that is basically the ending of the Iron Giant, and we meet the masked bad guy who has Hiro’s stolen invention. Then you think, this bad guy could literally be only two people in the movie. The professor or that super shady business guy that the movie keeps pointing at saying, “Hey everyone it’s totally this guy, I swear. It totally wouldn’t be the other guy who you wouldn’t expect as much and who has no clear motivation at this point.” The “mystery” felt like a bad Scooby Doo episode.

Jinkies, who could it be?

Hiro gets away and eventually recruits his “friends” to become a superhero team to help stop the bad guy. Way to throw extremely underdeveloped characters into the entire last 45 minutes of the movie, when their only real purpose before was to provide comic relief. It went down like, “we should be superheroes guys!” Then the friends were like “yeah that’s cool and makes sense, why not?” Baymax and Hiro have good chemistry and work really well, the other cast of characters feel forced and bring the movie down. Besides having some funny lines they don’t really add anything to the movie and just take away screen time from the movie’s main draw, being the kid and the robot.

Also, how in the world did Hiro get all of those parts and technology to make the costumes in one day? That made absolutely no sense, and then he decided to make his costume only allow him to fly Baymax and not do anything else. Seems pretty lame compared to the other ones that all your costume does is let you fly the robot. Which led to the part of the movie that pissed me off the most.


Did this flying scene ring any bells for anyone? Didn’t this seem very similar to another movie? Where EXACTLY THE SAME THING HAPPENS?


The flying. The costume. The controls to fly him. Having trouble controlling the flying but eventually after some close calls he gets the hang of it? This is a straight rip off of How to Train Your Dragon and it is blatantly obvious.

So Hiro and the gang go to an abandoned island where they find a broken Stargate and a conveniently placed security video that somehow was up on the computer even though the place looked like no one had been there for years. Gee I wonder if that girl who got lost in the Stargate is related to the professor in any way so as to give him motivation to hating Krei, thus having him being the villain make sense.


They then meet the masked bad guy and fight him and basically kick his ass. They get the mask, and it turns out it’s the professor. Hiro tries to have Baymax kill the professor, so Baymax basically goes all crazy Hulk on everyone and through sheer plot convenience they screw up so bad trying to stop Baymax that they just give the mask back to the professor and he flies away. Hiro gets really pissed and takes Baymax and goes home, leaving his “friends” on a stranded island with no conceivable way of getting back.

Hiro sees the error of his ways as he watches videos of his brother and realizes he was stupid and wrong, then his friends show up out of nowhere saying that got a ride from the stoner dude’s chopper. They weren’t even mad, “nah it’s totally fine that you stranded us on an island with no wayof knowing how we’d possibly get back home. We still love you Hiro.”

“We are completely ok with this”

They then find out that the girl who got sucked into the Stargate was the professor’s daughter and that he’s going to go mess up Krei at a news conference outside his building. So the professor takes the Stargate and just connects the pieces and it turns on…okay. Then the Stargate starts sucking everything into it because…I really have no idea. They then fight and defeat The professor because they used their problem solving skills and he ran out of nanobots to do anything with so he just loses…because he’s an idiot. After the fighting is over, Baymax discovers that the daughter is still alive in the Stargate and him and Hiro decide to go get her.

Gee, I wonder if Baymax will somehow have to sacrifice himself in order to have Hiro make it out on time because the movie lets you know it could be dangerous, and you can’t end an animated film without some self-sacrifice. They find the girl and somehow she’s still alive after years of wandering around in limbo, and Baymax rocket boosts them out, “killing” himself in the process.

Did anyone really think that the best and most marketable character wouldn’t come back at the end of the movie?

Baymax Armor up
Yeah, right

When your plot is filled with so many clichés from other animated movies, you lose a lot of the emotional impact in scenes like this. Baymax is a robot, and any reasonable person would assume Tadashi would’ve made a back up or as smart as Hiro is, he could just build another one. Which he does.

This movie is full of surprises.


That’s it. The end.

Overall, this movie is pretty dumb, filled with clichés, and unnecessary supporting characters. BUT, Baymax and Hiro interacting is worth the price of admission just by itself. It’s a shame the movie watered their screen time down with four other characters that don’t add much of anything to the story. Also the animation is very good and everything on the screen does look awesome.

I didn’t hate this movie. I was just vastly disappointed. A combination/ripoff of Iron Giant, The Incredibles, and How to Train Your Dragon except not better than any of those movies by a long stretch.

Overall: 6.5/10

10 year old me probably would’ve really liked this movie, but it could have been much better.

Bonus Bitching

In case you couldn’t get enough already I have some more added points that either confused me or seemed out of place in the film.

1. So I know you control the nanobots with your mind…but how exactly can you make them do about 5 different things at one time? I’m pretty sure your brain can only focus on one, maybe two things at once.

Well maybe, Alex, they’re just super smart and you’re just super dumb.

Don’t let them see your tears

2. Why is the aunt in the film so ridiculously attractive and milfy? I cannot be the only person who felt oddly uncomfortable when she was on screen. When I first saw her I thought she was Tadashi’s girlfriend.


Just some older relative that is extremely attractive for no discernible reason. Though she was a way more interesting character than the four friends were.

But do she got a booty?

3. So when the professor is in control of the nanobots and is chasing the kids in the car, how does no one in the city see a guy and a million black robots flying down the middle of the street? Does this city even have cops? I know they show up at the very end, but come on. No one saw that?

4. What was up with that random Fallout Boy song that came on in the middle of the movie? It felt so out of place. The soundtrack of the movie is pretty subtle and completely without lyrics. Then all the sudden FALLOUT BOY MONTAGE TIME OOOOOHHHH YEAH.

Why? I don’t dislike the song, but why? You might as well have just put the Team America World Police “Montage” song. That’d be out of place too but I wouldn’t feel any different from it.

5. I thought the short at the beginning of the film was amazing. It was called Feast and it made me feel a wide range of emotions in a rather short period of time while also giving the characters some depth with almost no dialogue. Felt it was even better than Big Hero 6 in my opinion.

As always let me know what you think, if you disagree that’s cool. I’m open to all discussion and rational conversation!

4 thoughts on “Big Hero 6 Review

  1. The movie was okay. The fact that they killed off Tadashi was a bit off. (forgive me if im incorrect)
    Yes the movie had no standing plot but it’s a kid’s movie. Frozen never made much sense yet people loved it.
    i for one thought the characters were great the plot is the only thing that could be fixed.


  2. Thanks for this…I was trying to like this movie, but my hate-on for Disney and overwhelming love for httyd won out. Im just glad someone else noticed him flying the robot was a rip-off Hiccup flying Toothless… Also, the SECOND Hiro called Baymax “buddy” bh6 lost any points with me. REALLY? COULDNT FIND A DIFFERENT WORD? thats literally Hiccup and Toothless’catchphrase


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