Ex Machina Review

A thinking man’s Sci-Fi movie with some problems. Ex Machina is the story of a programmer (Domhnall Gleeson) who wins a trip to his boss’ (Oscar Issac) estate, and when he gets there he finds out that he is there to test an A.I. (Alicia Vikander) on if it could pass as a human or not. Let’s just say things don’t go according to plan. If you watched the trailer you have an idea of where the movie is going, and yes it is predictable but it is always interesting. The movie, for the most part, revolves around the three … Continue reading Ex Machina Review

Furious 7 Review

Faster, furiouser, and dumberer. This is the kind of movie that likes to have fun. Not since Fast & Furious 6 have you wanted so much ass, cars, and explosions in one┬ámovie. If that sounds appealing, then you need to see Furious 7 as soon as possible because there’s all that and more! And by “more” I meant, “more ass, cars, and explosions.” Furious 7 continues from the ending of the previous movie that shows Jason Statham as the older brother to the bad guy in Fast & Furious 6, killing Han at the end of the third movie which … Continue reading Furious 7 Review