Furious 7 Review

Faster, furiouser, and dumberer. This is the kind of movie that likes to have fun.

Not since Fast & Furious 6 have you wanted so much ass, cars, and explosions in one movie. If that sounds appealing, then you need to see Furious 7 as soon as possible because there’s all that and more! And by “more” I meant, “more ass, cars, and explosions.”


Furious 7 continues from the ending of the previous movie that shows Jason Statham as the older brother to the bad guy in Fast & Furious 6, killing Han at the end of the third movie which happens directly before this one… anyways. Statham is out to kill all the members of the crew for hurting his brother, and he is basically the Terminator in this movie, which is hilarious. Just watch the opening scene and you can tell they had fun making this really stupid and over the top, but it’s done well, which is why it works.

One thing the Fast & Furious franchise has managed to do is establish its characters well. Even if their dialogue is stilted or full of one liners, they’re able to showcase their personalities and comradery for one another and you can tell they genuinely like working with each other. Paul Walker’s death is definitely signified throughout the movie, as Vin Diesel talks about family and Walker’s relationship becoming a dad all seem to be made as tribute to their friend. I’ll admit, that if these scenes didn’t hold some real emotional weight to such a tragic death, then they’d come off as super cheesy and wouldn’t work. But because the movie is dedicated to Paul and a lot of the scenes were written with that in mind, it all comes off as genuine and heartfelt even if I think of Groot whenever Vin Diesel talks.

We are Groot

The stunts are, as you’d expect, pretty awesome and ridiculous. The fight scenes are choreographed pretty well and shot in-frame so you can actually see what’s going on. Very little shaky cam and no, “lets have 100+ cuts during the editing of this fight so we can hide how much the actors suck at fighting” which is always beautiful to see for action fans. There a lot of cameos in this film too. Tony Jaa plays a random Asian henchman. That dude from Guardians of the Galaxy is an African baddie. Kurt Russell even had a role as a government agent that is a nice surprise for old fans, though he is completely forgotten about by the time the movie is finished.

Can I get an amen?

For people who wish the Transformers and Expendables movies didn’t suck, Furious 7 is a fitting tribute to Paul Walker and a wild and fun ride on its own.

Overall Score: 4/5 stars

Bonus stuff

“I’d like to know who’s in that car”


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