Ant-Man Review

A lot of fun in a small package. If you saw an Ant-Man trailer, you were probably pretty underwhelmed with the prospects of it being a good movie. Well I’d like to put those fears to rest. Not only is Ant-Man a good movie, but it also might be the most fun Marvel movie to date. Paul Rudd stars as Ant-Man, and seeing as many people will see this movie just for him, you’ll be happy to know that he does an excellent job. Paul Rudd plays his usual funny and charismatic self and definitely helps with the lighter tone of … Continue reading Ant-Man Review

Blog Update #2: They Forgot About Dre

Hey everyone, it’s me, Red Ass Reviewer or as my friends like to call me, Dr. Dre (they do I swear). It’s been a while since I wrote a review or posted anything. Just wanted to give y’all a quick update that I still want to continue writing reviews since I know how much my opinion means to y’all. Here’s a quick recap of what’s come out since I’ve been gone. 1. Jurassic World Surprisingly not terrible. Don’t get me wrong, the whole movie’s plot is progressed by character’s doing extremely stupid things, but if you’re looking for a fun dino … Continue reading Blog Update #2: They Forgot About Dre