Ant-Man Review

A lot of fun in a small package.

If you saw an Ant-Man trailer, you were probably pretty underwhelmed with the prospects of it being a good movie. Well I’d like to put those fears to rest. Not only is Ant-Man a good movie, but it also might be the most fun Marvel movie to date.

This poster is lame, but the movie isn’t.

Paul Rudd stars as Ant-Man, and seeing as many people will see this movie just for him, you’ll be happy to know that he does an excellent job. Paul Rudd plays his usual funny and charismatic self and definitely helps with the lighter tone of the movie compared to other heroes in the Marvel universe.

The plot is a pretty standard Marvel trope. Bad guys want a dangerous technology to use it for evil and yada, yada, yada. Paul Rudd is recruited to stop them and that’s your basic premise. The thing that separates Ant-Man from other Marvel films is that it likes to embrace the hilarity of a superhero who can shrink, and it has the best supporting cast of any Marvel movie to date.

Michael Douglass is great as Paul Rudd’s teacher, Hank Pym. Evangeline Lilly also does a serviceable job as Hope, but the real star of the show is Michael Peña as Paul Rudd’s friend Luis. Ant-Man embraces its silliness and lunacy, and those characters can be seen in Michael Peña’s knockout performance as a fast talking thief who provides the movie’s biggest laughs. 

michael pena
An appreciation for art and punching people in the face

The action is done well and the added ability to shrink and un-shrink constantly adds a more clever twist on your typical superhero fight scenes, though Ant-Man focuses much less on action, and more on its characters and being hilarious.

Ant-Man still has the same pitfalls as other Marvel films, such as a lack of compelling or threatening villain, forced emotional scenes, and cliche plot devices that you will see coming a mile away. Luckily the writers knew what they were doing and decided to go a bat-shit crazy direction with the movie, so any of these blemishes are more like speed bumps on the way to a good fricken time.

Superman has a phone booth. Ant-Man has a bathtub.
Superman has a phone booth. Ant-Man has a bathtub.

Overall Score: 4/5 stars

A better time than Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Baskin Robbins knows what’s up.

They always know.

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