The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 Review

The hell did I just watch?



The saga finally comes to a close in the latest film in the Hunger Games trilogy, er, I mean quadrilogy. After seeing multiple young girls coming out of the theater crying, I now understand why. If my favorite book or movie series ended as horrific as this, I’d have been crying too.

Continuing immediately after Part 1 ended, Part 2 takes no time to recollect on past events, which continues throughout the film as significant events that happen are glossed over later. Katniss is on a mission to kill Snow, but must navigate a heavily defended Capital with a team of rebels. Lets just say that things don’t go according to plan, at all.

Mockingjay Part 2, much like the previous movie, is a droll, depressing, and super serious endeavor. These final installments felt like they were written by an entirely different person than whoever wrote the first two. To think an entertaining action-adventure series turned into a poorly written, generic political thriller is mind-boggling. All the character development besides Peeta and Katniss have ground to a halt. Many of the situations are laughably ridiculous or annoyingly contrived. There’s also no adventure this time, in what is supposed to be an action-adventure series. Roaming around generic post apocalyptic landscapes setting off booby traps is not nearly as compelling as any of the moments that occurred in the actual Hunger Games of the first two films.

The characters are treated as cannon fodder this time around. Characters are introduced, or brought back from the previous film, with little for them to say or do to make you care about what will happen to them. For at least half of it you will have no idea who has died and who hasn’t, so it doesn’t matter too much in the end. In fact, the movie forgets about all these characters towards the end anyways, so the writers didn’t seem to give a shit either. Other really interesting moments are cheapened by just absolute plot convention nonsense that will make you want to roll your eyes instead of having them glued to the screen.

hunger games2

The finale has almost as many endings as The Return of the King, but unfortunately none of them are satisfying in the least. I will say that it doesn’t go your standard Hollywood route, but that doesn’t give it a pass either. Everything screeches to a halt, then slowly crawls towards the finish line. The ending is made up of a handful of random scenes that focus on one aspect of the film, and basically neglects every single other character in the series. Hell, important events are casually shrugged off without going into any kind of depth to their significant impact on the story. Adding to all of that, the final shot is such a cliche slap in the face I was almost laughing. I did, however, welcome it. Because it finally meant it was over.

Despite all of that, there are some good things about the film. The acting, as always, is really fantastic. Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson especially do an amazing job showing their characters struggles and emotions during very heavy scenes. Watching Peeta develop and deal with his mental state throughout the film was easily one the more compelling and well done elements. The directing overall was well done, the action scenes were filmed so that you could tell (for the most part) what was going on, and all the sets looked very real which further helps bring you into the movie.

Cool chicks don’t look at explosions

The PG-13 rating was pushed to heavy extremes with this one. At times I was reminded of the Saw movies, Blade 2, and even the Holocaust. This movie has a lot of depressingly bleak moments, but it’s rushing to get to the end so much there’s hardly any time to feel the full effect of them.

blade 2
Blade 2 was dope though

I can’t get into much more detail without actually spoiling the film. If you’ve read all the books or have seen the other movies then watch it to get your own opinion on it. I’ve only seen the movies, so that’s where my whole perspective comes from, and I for one, was disappointed.

Overall Score: 2/5 Stars

Not nearly as boring as Part 1, but definitely more infuriating.

Might edit later with SPOILERS at the bottom so I can go into detail of the movies problems. Let me know if y’all want that or not.

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