The Good and Bad of Television in 2015 (According to Me)

2015 is a long and distant memory. Filled with laughs, tears, and more alcohol than you should’ve probably drank. Television in 2015 had its share of good and bad shows and with the ability to watch shows online, binging and purging has become mainstream. So I’m sure you’ve managed to watch a season of something in a single day.

Unfortunately I don’t have time for that shit.

But I know my opinion matters to y’all, so I decided to toss my hat in the ring to tell you the shows I liked and the shows I didn’t (but kept watching anyways).

Let’s get started.


Ash vs Evil Dead (Starz)

ash vs the evil dead

Have you ever laughed at someone dying a gruesome death? Do you enjoy one-liners from demons? Do you become giddy at the sight of people exploding? Does a man with a chainsaw arm make you wet? Do you want to visit Jacksonville? If you said yes to any of these questions, which (let’s be honest) you did, then this is the show for you. Ash vs Evil Dead is all the fun of the movies rolled into a profanity laced, laugh-a-minute, over the top gory TV show. It’s hilarious, the characters are great, and it has so much fun energy that you’ll be hard pressed not to enjoy yourself. The episodes may seem a tad short, the CGI is bad, and the story structure can get repetitive, but these flaws are not too disruptive to the overall experience. So grab your boomstick and yell, “Hail to the king, baby.”


Mr. Robot (USA)


Imagine Fight Club and House of Cards had a baby, and that baby was raised by a hacker with terrible social skills and you get Mr. Robot. A show about a genius hacker, who stumbles upon a secret organization who’s goal is take down the economic infrastructure of the USA. This show is so amazingly well written and constructed that multiple times an episode you will probably lose your mind. It’s also filled with a lot of memorable characters that you’ll end up caring about, good and bad. Rami Malek seems like a shoe-in to win Best Lead Actor In A Drama Series, and all the performances, including Christian Slater, are terrific. Mr. Robot is crazy in all of the right ways, and I’m excited to see what’s in store for next season.


Fargo Season 2 (FX)


Despite tackling a completely new story from the first season, Fargo’s sophomore album is somehow even better and that’s not just the hipster in me saying that. There’s just too many good things to say about this show. All star cast, great writing, beautifully shot, funny, violent, and just one unexpected event after another. All the great parts of the movie got turned up to 11 in this show and it’ll be hard to top, but I’m sure season 3 will be up to par. Gang wars in a small Minnesota town can get dicey, don’t ya know? Time to get realized and watch this show, yeah? Yeah.


Making a Murderer (Netflix)


Sometime real life is stranger than fiction, and in this case, way more interesting than you could ever make up. Making a Murderer is an up close documentary about a man set free after 18 years of wrongful imprisonment only to find himself back in court after being charged with murder two years later. Did he do it? Was it a setup? Watching this twisty suspense filled doc will only leave you with more questions than answers. It’ll make you angry and it’ll be hard to watch at some points, but dammit if this isn’t one of the more significant shows you’ll ever see. If you’re looking to get your true-crimes fix, it’ll be hard to get better than this.


Narcos (Netflix)


Pablo Escobar is a very interesting man, though not particularly a nice one. Narcos tells the story of this Colombian drug lord, depicting his rise and subsequent fall. Chances are that if you enjoy historical dramas, or even just crime shows in general, you’ll probably love this show. Wagner Moura, an amazing actor from Brazil, is Pablo Escobar and his performance could carry the show on its own. Luckily that’s not necessary because the show is dynamite all the way around. My only complaint is that some of the historical moments feel too rushed in the show, and the proper weight that they held in real life doesn’t transfer as well into the show’s story. Other than that, snort a line and fire some rounds into the air and you’ll be ready for what its got to offer.

Don’t actually do drugs though. Just get some flour and pretend, or something.


Sense8 (Netflix)


How do you take an interesting premise and make it really terrible? Watch Sense8 and be amazed. The story is about 8 individuals who are all connected through their senses and can sometimes hop in and out of each others bodies when need be. There are some bad scientists guys that want to kill them or something, for some reason. It’s all pretty stupid and poorly written, with a bunch of stereotypes masquerading as characters. The Asian female character is not respected by men in her country, because she is a woman. The African character’s mom has AIDS and really likes Van Damme. The Eastern European guy is a criminal, but good at heart. The Indian girl is being forced to marry someone she doesn’t love. The white cop from Chicago is a vanilla good guy who’s trying to help his community. It’s pretty much, “Social Justice Warrior The TV Show.”

The transgender character who lives in San Francisco has crazy conservative parents that don’t love her. She’s also a political blogger and a “hacktivist.”

nomi marks
Couldn’t just be a normal hacker huh?

The show also doesn’t seem to want to focus on the more Sci-fi elements and instead focuses largely on the character drama which is easily the worst thing about the show. A lot of the “Sense” stuff is pretty interesting but it only shows up about once or twice an episode, and is mainly used to talk to each other. The best things about the show are its locations and cinematography, cause damn do some of the shots look amazing. Unfortunately they’re wasted on an awful script, where the characters get into ridiculous scenarios and say the dumbest things imaginable, all with a straight and serious face.

There’s also an orgy scene featuring almost entirely male characters for no reason, and at one point everyone in the cast sings this song:

They sing the entire song and I couldn’t help but laugh my ass off.

Sense8 is unintentionally ironic and will beat you over the head with its attempt to attack every social justice situation ever. All of the interesting stuff is pushed to the side, and then you’re just left with boring characters who say a lot of dumb and pretentious things. So don’t be surprised when you find that most of it is really boring.

The bad guy is called Mr. Whispers!!!


Now I’m done.


True Detective Season 2

true detective

What happened here? How do you accidentally make a parody of yourself? I have no idea, but True Detective season 2 did just that. Everyone became Rust from season 1 and it was weird as hell. Every character was a rambling, depressed, troubled person who would spout ridiculous monologues and look like they’d rather be anywhere else but in this show. There was no “every man” or “normal” character to play off of so every insanely weird thing someone would say would be treated as though it were completely normal, but instead just came off as unrealistic and bizarre. The plot was a jumbled mess that became just downright confusing at some parts, and eventually the mystery didn’t even seem to even matter anymore. Taking all the interesting things about the murder (the burnt eyes, the bird costume), and using a bait-and-switch tactic to make all those aspects mean absolutely nothing is a crime in itself and kind of a slap in the face to its viewers.

In the middle of the season there is a shootout that is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever watched. It involves bad guys never running out of bullets, protesters who just stand in place to get shot, and literally everyone except the main characters dying. That was the moment when I realized True Detective season 2 would be truly awful. That was when I started watching to see how bad it could be.

It was pretty bad. Like, a “Vince Vaughn monologue about rats trying to eat him when he was a kid” bad. Its worst feature is that it’s downright boring most of the time. The character’s sit down and talk a lot, but hardly have anything interesting to say.

Hate watching should never be this much of a chore.

This about sums it up

There are obviously more good and bad shows last year, but I haven’t had the time to see them yet. Let me know what your favorite shows of 2015 and I’ll be sure to watch them…probably.

Happy New Year!

Make responsible decisions.

It’s already too late for me.

Actual picture of me


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