Deadpool Review

Deadpool is lewd, crude, and one bad dude.


A hotly anticipated film for comic nerds, superhero fans, and people who enjoy hookers and blow, Deadpool is finally here. Deadpool, a Marvel character owned by FOX, is a mercenary who has penchant for inappropriate jokes and shish-kebabing people and unfortunately won’t be linked in any to the established Marvel universe. But like a redheaded stepchild that finally got released from the basement, Deadpool is looking to stir shit up in just about any way imaginable…just not when it comes to a plot or villains.

The story plays out like a pretty formulaic revenge movie dressed up in a super suit, but it does have a nice romantic aspect to it that is both extremely bizarre, and yet oh-so charming. The earlier parts of the film, including the origin of his powers, will probably be the least enjoyable for movie goers. Most of that time is spent with just Deadpool himself or the villains, and it’s really hit or miss. Where the film really shines is when its side characters are on screen. Deadpool is pretty much an insane person with a pension for violence and telling extremely vulgar sex jokes. Characters like Colossus, with his stoic sense of heroism and family values is a great compliment to Deadpool’s lack of a good moral compass and sick sense of humor. Any time they’re on the screen together the movie just clicks, and it’s beautiful. Other characters like Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Weasel, and Vanessa are also interesting, funny, and oddly charming in their own right. Slowly the movie works its charms on you, so if you don’t seem to find it very funny or enjoyable at the beginning, it gets way better trust me.


Ryan Reynolds may have actually given the best performance of his career. He really put his heart and soul into this character, able to make a complete homicidal asshole into someone oddly lovable is definitely an impressive feat. The action scenes are actually pretty damn good, and the R rating allows for a little more creativity and freedom for the various shootings, impaling, and decapitations.

Oh about that R rating, yeah… There are tits, dick jokes, anal jokes, masturbation jokes, f bombs, a sex montage, punting decapitated heads, ass bullets, teen angst, and hashtags but without a doubt no filter. If you don’t like vulgarity and violence this movie is not for you. If you ever were excited to see a movie about Deadpool, you’ll probably enjoy it. The jokes sometimes fall flat, the plot and villains are generic, and the humor is vulgar and juvenile beyond belief. Not for everyone, but it’s lighthearted, has a lot of good moments, and will hit enough right notes with Deadpool fans to be enjoyable.


Here’s a quick pro tip on how to make your Deadpool viewing the most enjoyable:

  1. Friends
  2. Alcohol
  3. Crowded Theater

The rowdier the crowd the more fun you’ll have. Sitting in a half empty theater chuckling to yourself just isn’t as fun.

And Deadpool is pretty damn fun.


3.75/5 Stars

Excited for the next film. Hopefully the next adventure can be as fun and likable as the second half of this movie.

Also Marvel please make more interesting villains, please and thanks.



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