5 Things to Watch Alone on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is here, and because you’re financially responsible, you decided to forgo having a romantic partner this year to save money. That’s some smart thinking! While everyone is out on dates, and getting flowers and chocolates, you’ll be inside pounding a 40 or drinking straight from the wine bottle. Let’s be honest, that sounds way more fun. So try not to think about your self-worth this Sunday, and instead spend it watching some quality entertainment. Because we at Open Bar Cinema love you…

Almost as much as beer.




What better way to start off Valentine’s Day than watching America’s most loved actor, Tom Hanks. Hanks finds himself crash landed on a deserted island, and must adapt to this harsh environment to survive. A loved classic, Castaway will having you crying, cheering, and reaching for the nearest volleyball to call “friend.” FedEx’s shipment might be delayed, but in this movie, Tom Hanks still delivers.

127 Hours


Whilst dispelling the notion that James Franco is a shitty actor, 127 Hours also is a great showcase for Danny Boyle’s talent as a director. Making a compelling movie about a man stuck against a rock is no small task. 127 Hours tells the true story of mountain climber Aaron Ralston’s entrapment in an isolated canyon in Utah for 5 days. Aaron reminisces on his life, friends, and loved ones as he searches for the strength to survive. An inspiring and emotion charged movie, it’ll be hard not to cheer when it’s all said and done.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (CW)


Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is a  new comedy show on the CW, and though it sounds like something I’d personally have no interest in, it’s actually brilliant. The show follows Rebecca Bunch, a young and very successful lawyer who leaves her job and moves to California to find true happiness. Happiness that is centered around obsessing over an ex-boyfriend she met in summer camp 10 years ago. Rebecca is one of the most interesting characters in television, as she manages to be a smart, talented, and an attractive woman in every situation…besides the ones that involve trying to win the man of her dreams. Also, the musical numbers are the highlights of the show, and that’s saying something.



The tale of a murderous madman, who uses the seven deadly sins as his modus operandi, and the two detectives out to stop him. Se7en is David Fincher at his best. The directing, writing, and an all star cast that includes Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt help to elevate this murder mystery story to be one of the best ever told. Full of twists and memorable scenes, this is a film you can come back to again and again. So give a special gift this Valentine’s Day to someone you love that’ll having them asking over and over, “What’s in the box?!”

We Need to Talk About Kevin

tilda swinton

Before you go lusting yourself out at the bars this Sunday, take a minute and watch We Need to Talk About Kevin. Tilda Swinton plays a mother afraid to love her own child, as he begins exhibiting stranger behavior as he grows older. A fascinating look at the debate of nature vs. nurture, and the struggles of being a mother, We Need to Talk About Kevin is an art-house drama that won’t leave your brain anytime soon. If you have no one to love, you can’t have any kids, and you probably won’t want to after you watch this film.


Hopefully you can set aside your Titanic, The Notebook, and 500 Days of Summer this Valentine’s Day, and give these movies some love. Hell, grab a couple of friends and you all can watch them alone together.

At Open Bar Cinema, we encourage spending this Valentine’s Day with someone you love. And you might ask yourself, “Is beer a Valentine?”

Yes, Patrick.


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