Logan Review

There comes a time in every semi-retired superheroes life, when you have to take a little mutant girl with your DNA all the way to Canada, because she’s being hunted by an evil pharmaceutical weapons company and your only other ally is an old disabled man who has the power of a nuclear bomb in his brain.


Logan is an interesting film. It’s grimy, it’s dirty, and it’s relentless. Words you wouldn’t use to describe most superhero films. The first thing Logan says is, “Fuck” so right off the bat the movie’s letting you know it is utilizing that R rating. If you thought Deadpool was too gratuitous then wait until you see Wolverine and friends eviscerate bad guys by chopping their limbs off, stabbing their faces in slow motion, and by impaling them on anything around that is pointy. The violence might be too over the top and ridiculous at certain points in the film, but man is it kind of cool to watch an army of nameless grunts get annihilated in some of the most painful ways you can think of. If you don’t like violence then this is not the movie for you.

The story is all very surface level stuff unfortunately. The wheels  of the plot start turning very early on, jumping right into the action and setting off towards the end destination within the first twenty minutes. Now the basic plot of “take this person to this place,” doesn’t really ever become much more than that besides throwing in some action set pieces along the way. A lot of interesting character backgrounds and potential world-building are thrown out the window after being briefly touched upon once or twice in the film. Some important plot points are kept extremely vague and given no closure by the film’s end which will come as an annoyance once the hype and nostalgia finally leave your body.


The movie’s biggest problem lies in it’s third act, where it drops the ball hard. Without spoiling anything, I’ll just say there were very bizarre choices made that turned the film into a campy ridiculous mess. The tone is so serious and heavy throughout that the final action set piece is unintentionally funny and nonsensical. Certain scenes also fail to generate the kind of emotional response the filmmakers are going for, because what came right before that was completely ridiculous.

The good does manage to outweigh the bad though as Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, and all of the main cast give really good performances. The action is shot well enough to know what’s going on, and the creative brutality on display is definitely going to elicit some “holy shits” and “I shouldn’t have taken my 9 year old son to see this.” It’s funny when it wants to be and its full of nice character moments that are definitely a lot better than the stuff you’d see in the other X-men movies (besides First Class, which I love).


Fans of Wolverine will probably love this movie, as will most comic book fans. It has a lot of flaws and an ending that felt underwhelming, but it’s definitely an experience you’ll want to have in a theater with as many people as possible. Grab a cold beer, pretend your hand has knives coming out of it, and drop your kids off at the orphanage because this is one wild ride.

Overall Score: 3.5/5 Stars

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P.S. There’s not an end credit scene! Go home!

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