What to Watch On Halloween: A List for the Sad and Lonely

Finally, Halloween Day has come! You’ve stocked up on candy, you got your costume ready, and all the sorority girls from a block over dressed up like cats, again.¬†Unfortunately you have no friends, no one has invited you to any Halloween parties, and that girl who used to sit next to you in math class moved down two rows¬†because she found out you were an uncultured simpleton. Bummer. Though I have not abandoned you, my good companion. For I care. Everyone should have a great Halloween no matter how unpleasant people may find you. If I wasn’t going to an … Continue reading What to Watch On Halloween: A List for the Sad and Lonely

RedAss Halloween Special

It’s that time of the year, THE BEST TIME OF THE YEAR. Scary movie marathons, candy, and sexy librarians. We’re talking about Halloween season, and what better way to spend an October weekend than watching a scary movie. Unfortunately, most of the horror movies that are released are terrible.¬†Ouija came out last weekend and was #1 at the box office ahead of John Wick and Fury… Ouija is rockin’ a 10% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and an amazing 4.2/10 on IMDB, so the movie’s basically shit, but it made $21 million and had only a budget of $5 million. The … Continue reading RedAss Halloween Special