Last Shift Review

I ain’t afraid of no ghosts Last night I was browsing through my Netflix look for something to watch, whilst simultaneously expecting not to watch anything and pass out on my couch. I passed by this totally not terrible looking film, and decided that maybe it’ll be alright, or at least better than Unfriended. Last Shift follows rookie cop Jessica Loren (Juliana Harkavy) on her first night out on the job. Oddly enough, she is stationed at the old police HQ for the night on the last ever shift there, before everything is officially moved to the new HQ. As the … Continue reading Last Shift Review

What to Watch On Halloween: A List for the Sad and Lonely

Finally, Halloween Day has come! You’ve stocked up on candy, you got your costume ready, and all the sorority girls from a block over dressed up like cats, again. Unfortunately you have no friends, no one has invited you to any Halloween parties, and that girl who used to sit next to you in math class moved down two rows because she found out you were an uncultured simpleton. Bummer. Though I have not abandoned you, my good companion. For I care. Everyone should have a great Halloween no matter how unpleasant people may find you. If I wasn’t going to an … Continue reading What to Watch On Halloween: A List for the Sad and Lonely